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What is the C1 Tourbillon Gravity?

1801. The challenge was to reduce the effects of gravity on the running of a watch movement. The revolutionary response was the tourbillon regulator, an invention considered a major accomplishment in the field of mechanical watchmaking

full sketch2007. The challenge was to deliberately choose to ignore centuries of watchmaking classicism, while paying tribute to one of the symbols of its age-old know-how. The visionary response is the Tourbillon Gravity, which ranks Concord more firmly than ever in the highest echelons of engineering expertise.

In the old days, watches spent most of their time upright in a waistcoat pocket and were thus subject to gravity-related disturbances of their balance isochronism. The conception of a mobile carriage spinning on its own axis, generally in one minute, and housing the very heart of the movement – its balance, hairspring and escapement – considerably enhanced the accuracy of timepieces: by means of this ingenious device, the regulating organ successively adopts all possible vertical positions, thereby ensuring that the variations in rate mutually cancel each other out.

sketch_001.jpgIn April 2008, Concord is renewing ties with this legacy and these origins, while remaining true to its own identity by taking a sharp new turn in both technical and aesthetic terms.

The world-first C1 Tourbillon Gravity will be an invitation to ponder the history of time, while simultaneously propelling Concord into the modern age of innovation and a firmly futuristic approach.

This stupefying timepiece will be equipped with a unique and complex movement based on an orthogonal mechanical concept. external sketchThe vertical position of the tourbillon – the only justifiable one for a wristwatch – enables it to serve its initial and primary function: namely to compensate for the effects of gravity in a vertical position. But Concord’s creativity does not stop there. An unprecedented construction principle enables it to display a tourbillon carriage on the fringes of the actual body of the watch. Independent and apparently detached from the mechanism, it is housed outside of both the dial and the case. This feat will give watchmakers more space to create other complications “inside” the watch itself…

pilier acierDeveloped in partnership with BNB Concept and Blade Design, firms specialised in high-end niche watch creations, the Tourbillon Gravity sums up the very essence of Concord’s boldness and creative energy. A larger-than-life boldness and resolutely future-oriented creativity that herald the emergence of a new watchmaking generation: bordering on madness, transcending tradition, symbolizing reform and well ahead of its time.A new release that awaits you next April at Baselworld 2008.